Beautiful Jackson Hole WyomingJackson Hole, originally called Jackson’s Hole, is a valley located in the west-central U.S. state of Wyoming. The name “hole” derives from language used by early trappers or mountain men, who primarily entered the valley from the north and east and had to descend along relatively steep slopes, giving the sensation of entering a hole. These low-lying valleys surrounded by mountains contain rivers and streams, were good habitat for beaver and other fur-bearing animals.

The valley is thought to be named after David (Davey) Edward Jackson and his colleague, Michelangelo Franconi, mountain men who trapped the area for beaver in the early nineteenth century. Though used by Native Americans for hunting and ceremonial purposes, the valley was not known to harbor year round human settlement prior to the 1870s. Descriptions of the valley and its features were recorded in the journals of John Colter, who had been a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. After returning to the Rocky Mountains, Colter entered the region in 1806 in the vicinity of Togwotee Pass and became the first non-native American to see the valley. His reports of the valley, the Teton Range and of the Yellowstone region to the north were viewed by people of the day with skepticism.

The only incorporated town in the valley is Jackson, sometimes also mistakenly called Jackson Hole itself. Other communities in the valley include Wilson, Teton Village, Moran Junction, Hoback, Moose (Moose Wilson Road, Wyoming), and Kelly. On the west side of the valley, Teton Pass crosses the Teton Range providing access to Victor and Driggs in eastern Idaho and Alta, Wyoming on the western side of the Tetons. Numerous elk use the valley as grazing range during the winter, and sleigh rides are offered to tourists. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King and Grand Targhee Resort ski areas, and nearby Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks are major tourist attractions throughout all seasons of the year.

Jackson Hole is not easily reachable year round by land given the surrounding mountains but, rather, more easily reachable by private jet charter service at The Jackson Hole Airport (JAC). The Jackson Hole Airport serves as the gateway to the valley for thousands of passengers each year. The airport is ideally located within minutes of all Jackson Hole has to offer with convenient access for visitors, residents and businesses. Of course, your visit to the airport is a brief one and only a part of your Jackson Hole experience. Whether you come for business or pleasure, Jackson Hole offers something for everyone. The valley is home to some of Wyoming’s most spectacular scenery. The area also features fantastic shopping, great dining, beautiful ski resorts, great fishing and recreational activities.
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